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The end result of jerking off, from the Russian word "dratchit'" (to jerk off). A descriptive word that can be applied to people, things or animals. Can also be used as a greeting.
Dratch - dRA-t'ch

"Dratch, what you do, dratch?"
"I do nothing, dratch!"
"Dratch you do! >=| "

"What's that dratch over there?"
"I don't know, dratch"
"Dratch you do! >=| "

*ring ring*
"Draaaaatch, what you do?"

"So dratch-stacked-low came over"
"what you do dratch?"
"I dratch on her face"

"I give you dratch!" (during orgasm)
by LokiArioch June 26, 2009
8 1
A drunk batch.

A batch is either a bitch with nice shoes or a friendlier way to call a friend a bitch.

A dratch must be a girl, and should be a friend, as it is a friendly term and is said with a friendly connotation.

Being a "dratch" is basically just being drunk and silly, acting a fool.
1) "Youre such a dratch!"

2) "Quit being such a dratch and lets take a shot"

3) "I'm gonna get super dratchy tonight!"
by Timothy Perdue July 28, 2009
2 1
Joe Block...can not be the movie chasing cyborg
"yo dratch is bout to buck on dat nigga and take his hoe cuase he just dont give a fuck"
by D-locke March 10, 2005
0 3