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The end result of jerking off, from the Russian word "dratchit'" (to jerk off). A descriptive word that can be applied to people, things or animals. Can also be used as a greeting.
Dratch - dRA-t'ch

"Dratch, what you do, dratch?"
"I do nothing, dratch!"
"Dratch you do! >=| "

"What's that dratch over there?"
"I don't know, dratch"
"Dratch you do! >=| "

*ring ring*
"Draaaaatch, what you do?"

"So dratch-stacked-low came over"
"what you do dratch?"
"I dratch on her face"

"I give you dratch!" (during orgasm)
by LokiArioch June 26, 2009
A drunk batch.

A batch is either a bitch with nice shoes or a friendlier way to call a friend a bitch.

A dratch must be a girl, and should be a friend, as it is a friendly term and is said with a friendly connotation.

Being a "dratch" is basically just being drunk and silly, acting a fool.
1) "Youre such a dratch!"

2) "Quit being such a dratch and lets take a shot"

3) "I'm gonna get super dratchy tonight!"
by Timothy Perdue July 28, 2009
Joe Block...can not be the movie chasing cyborg
"yo dratch is bout to buck on dat nigga and take his hoe cuase he just dont give a fuck"
by D-locke March 10, 2005
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