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flippin the switch on the hydrolics so that the car sits sideways

when driveing you scoot over to he side of you seat, pimp you hat and just roll

a really good song by Paul Wall and Big Pokey
Sittin sideways,boys in a daze
Sittin sideways,boys in a daze
Sittin sideways,boys in a daze
On a Sunday night I might bang me some...
by elchicoblanco September 22, 2005
almost opposite of "the gangsta lean" when u drivin...
instead of leanin right, u lean left almost to post up
against the driver side door, w/ ur right hand on the wheel
ridin slow, speakers thumpin on the drive-way/
sittin sideways & buck twenty on the highway/
by Chefo January 27, 2006
A vehicle with its hydros set to only the left or right side only, making the car tilt.
Sittin' sideways, boyz in a daze...
What it do
~Paul Wall, the people's champ
by rustizzle July 22, 2005
To be completely drunk, almost to the point of not being able to stand up straight
Man I was sittin sideways so bad that i couldnt even walk ut the stairs.
by Tha Whisper King January 28, 2008
To drift a car while doing a fatty burnout. The back end of the car swings out until the car is moving sideways.

If this is not performed fast enough the car will roll onto two wheels and sit for a second before it comes down (or rolls over). This is also known as sittin sideways.
On sunday nights you will find me sittin sideways at the old lot.
by zero06201 September 17, 2007
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