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Dread bangs; Bangs comprised of dreadlocks, usually made up of only three to six strands, due to dreads' girthy nature, typically more stick-like and less sultry than most bangs.
Shit, I hope Sara doesn't cut drangs while she's drunk tonight!
by Faith A. April 30, 2008
A drang is a very powerful, very special friendship bond between 2 or more people.
Joe, Willy, Dana, Emma, and Daniel had a very powerful, special bond called a drang.
by Leilani-bear December 05, 2008
A loud oral sound used to disturb.
"I could not focus because a boy was Dranging."

"Could you please stop your drang is distracting me.
by Kugs57 April 28, 2010
The narrow rectal canal that terminates at the anus.
-Man, was that a dissapointing shit I just took
-I don't wan't to hear about it.
-Things seemed to be going smoothly, but there was this dramatic pressure loss mid-drang.
-That's fascinating sir, but I just don't see what it has to do with this loan application.
by Bill Sperry February 11, 2006
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