Harwich, a town on Cape Cod, MA.
Yeah Harwich..That WICKED small, over-dramatic town on The Cape with all those stuck up bitches.
by Guess December 29, 2004
Its what makes the world go around its the center of gravity for all that revolves with the earth as the world turns all of this lifes misery spins with it.
Life is full of drama, and it is all in how we choose to deal with it.
by Joshua Aaron Sapp March 31, 2005
A gangsta term for violance of crime or a fight.
"You best step off bitch, or their is gonna be some drama up in this piece!"
by Luke Johnson, Thinking Man February 23, 2005
A big thing.
Therefore the term "No Drama's" means; 'its not a big thing'/'no worries'.
See *No Drama*.
"Sorry for making such a drama before."
"It's all good. No Drama's."
by Diego August 14, 2003
Harwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
This is the true definition of drama.
by Who else? April 29, 2005
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