Usually labeled as a 'girl' thing, but is more than half of the time caused by men.

Girl drama examples and scenarios that are caused by men-
2) Girl 1- "Michael told me he liked me last night at the football game!"
Girl 2- "Really? 'Cause Michael told ME he liked ME last night at the football game."
3) "He says if I love him.. I'll have sex with him."
4) He had sex with me and then completely stopped talking to me :( @#$@#*$
5) He told his girlfriend that I was all over him and now she is comin' at my trying to fight!!@#$@#$

As you can see, women are usually the pons of drama and boys are the ones controlling the chess pieces. They love to feel like they are the reason a girl is getting so worked up or they are in between two girls fighting over them.

Drama goes both ways.
But no matter what gender,
it's still pointless.
"Drama is just something girls say they hate but in the end are always in the middle of."
"And boys are different because...?"
"Well men fight when they have problems with one another."
"Fighting is drama."
"... Well.. uhh."
by Danielle Danielle January 11, 2009
A waste of time and energy.
Oh I Hate That Girl She Always Starts Drama
by imlostwithoutyou December 30, 2008
A way of referring to problems and other normal complications in life, typically of others; painting them in a negative light so that the person speaking doesn't come off as being a self-interested jerk even though doing this inherently determines them to be so.
I'd just like to avoid drama.
I'll focus on my life and my problems and not and bullshit drama!
by NeoWolf October 03, 2004
Bored people caring way too much about things that have nothing to do with them or going above and beyond to make rumors be truth.
Dang there's a lot of drama going on...
Wow...I wish people would stop with all this drama.
All this drama is making me want to drop a nasty dook in someone's mouth.
by turd is da wurd August 02, 2010
People making stupid rumors to make them self feel better. Making it so someone can't live in peace with everyone else. Talking about someone behind there back. Saying he said, she said.

OMG! I hate her because she said that I slept with him when I didn't! She starts so much drama.
by bABYcaKEs! October 10, 2009
Tension between high/middle school friends that usually affects more than just the few people who got into the original spat. Possibly stems from tenuous friendships and unfamiliarity with the personality of friends' friends.

Synonym for 'inability to maintain relationships.'
There was some drama in the group that called themselves the Buchanan Street Rockers which was reportedly caused when Nellie tried to suplex Allison through an announce table.
by Confident Lefty August 10, 2006
1. What people who don't like what you're saying or what you are passionate about think you're creating when you talk about it, especially if you do so often.

2. What people who know they are busted by whatever you are talking about call the topic when you bring it up, even if they aren't named.
Mary is passionate about stopping domestic violence and discusses it often. John is abusive to her, and considers her talk to be nothing but drama because he doesn't share her beliefs, and would really like to get her to shut the fuck up so as to get the focus off of what might expose him to others for what he really is.
by kinkylittlegirl June 12, 2011

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