A"inhuman" force in the music industry. The most intense power metal band known to any form of life.If you don't like chest pounding double bass, string splitting guitar and bass licks, or gut wrenching metal vox.....which is the equivalent to a roller coaster that relentlessly tosses you around non-stop throughout the ride, i strongly suggest you don't even think about listening to CD's such as Inhuman Rampage, Sonic Firestorm, or Valley of the Damned. These band members are truly gods amongst men. How you ask?
The rain is from Herman Li's guitar crying for mercy.
The wind is Herman Li's blistering sweep picking.
One time at a campfire, the fire went out. Luckily Herman was there because he started shredding on acoustic and the friction of his fingers set his guitar ablaze, and yes, they then did have fire.
Thunder is David's pounding double bass.
these are a few examples of the sheer POWER that is Dragonforce
by Jordan Z. December 20, 2007
The utmost extreme in power metal. Their music so great and soul fulfilling that it even has the power to revive the dead. Whilst listening to DragonForce, you will be commanded by the tunes to jump up out of your chair and begin a massive air guitar session, no matter how long the song is. Just pray that the song you are jamming to doesn't happen to be Fury of the Storm or Black Winter Night, for you will attain a severe wrist cramp 1000x worse than a jerker's cramp.

In fact, open up LimeWire, Bitcomet, Shareaza, or whatever, and download any DragonForce song, and you shall be uplifted. Your soul shall be cleansed of that horrible rap music, and you shall be set on a journey that far surpasses that of Magic Mushrooms.
"Holy shit dude, those DragonForce guys are fucking pimps! Their music is so fast! I think I should go to my grandpa's grave now!"

1st dude - "Dude, what the hell happened to your arm?"
2nd dude - "Fucking DragonForce, man. I've been air riffing this shit since Friday afternoon..."
by Kryzer September 06, 2007
Out of control. Extreme. Powerful. Majestic. Something completely impressing and totally badass.
"Dude, that guitar solo was totally Dragon Force"


"Wow, your shoes are Dragon Force"

by mebaird March 21, 2007
one of the only rock bands I actually respect. they wrote through fire and flames, so they gotta be kik ass!

Sadly, i only learned about them by playing guitar hero 3... but still, rock on.
guy1: Dude, I failed at guitar hero!
guy2: what song?
g1: through fire and flames by dragonforce
g2: oh, thats normal
by Hue Man January 01, 2008
An extremely generic power metal band that sounds like many others, and doesn't have anything else going for them besides playing fast. The majority of their fanbase is composed of morons who live off of all of the popular mallcore metal, and believe that "fast" means "good" when in fact, bands such as Dragonforce lack almost any originality and creativity whatsoever.
Metal poser: "Hey, you've heard Dragonforce right? The guitarist is so great!"

Odin: "No, he's fast."

Metal poser: "WTF? You must be emo, you don't know anything about metal."

Odin: "You fucking poser, have you even HEARD UneXpect or Wintersun? You and Dragonforce fail at being tr00 and epic. Get the fuck out."
by Tempus Remorum July 19, 2006
The most tacky and generic shit-metal band around.

Dragonforce sound like they should be playing the instrumentals for tv shows like Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh.

People who bum Herman Li, i have to say one thing...

Hes asain. Give an asian 3 twigs and he can make a Playstation. The fact he can make a motorbike noise with a guitar is self explanatory.

You want Proper music? Listen to Symphony X.
Pikachu uses Electromania! Dragonforce plays Music!

by MeTalFucKa August 15, 2006
definatly not the greatest band out there and they lack originality .They have sudden bursts of speed which only last for 5 seconds! Why don't you go listen to the oracle of annihilation,angel of death or raining blood and then you'll hear some real speed and bad ass riffs that dragonforce can't even touch. They're part of the reason why the real metal is dying out.. somebody save us
dragon fan: hey man,dragonforce is the boss!!!

normal person: nahh man have u heard the oracle of annihilation or angel of death?

dragonforce fan: hey man i listen to kult ov azazel and slayer and they don't compare to dragonforce

normal person :dude you don't know whats kick ass music
by sahrya August 01, 2006

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