The absolute best band to ever grace the Universe.

The 'Force consists of keyboardist Vadim Pruzhanov (Ukraine), singer ZP Theart (South Africa), guitarists Herman Li (Hong Kong) and Sam Totman (New Zealand), drummer Dave Mackintosh (Scotland), and bassist Frédéric Leclercq (France).

Former members include Steve Scott and Steve Williams, who formed "Power Quest", drummer Dider Almouzni, bassist Diccon Harper, and bassist Adrian Lambert. All were considerably talented, although the current 'Force is the best combination.

Their albums are:

1. Valley of the Damned: Demo (2001)
2. Valley of the Damned (2003)
3. Sonic Firestorm (2004)
4. Inhuman Rampage (2005) (Includes hit Through the Fire and Flames)
5. Ultra Beatdown

(In writer's opinion, Sonic Firestorm remains the best album ever created)
Nika: "Dude!! I just got back from the DragonForce concert!"

Friend: "Oh cool! How was it?"

Nika: "What?"

Friend: "How. Was. It?"

Nika: "Sorry, I can't hear you, DragonForce filled my ears with epicness."
by NikaPika October 05, 2008
An instance in which a band or live act's performance is so horrid and horendously attrocious that they rival that of the modern Rock band.
Wow man! That band's performance was horrible! That was a total DragonForce.
by Scott Rider July 24, 2008
a band that sounds amazing on the album but live play in lower keys so their vocalist can still sing and change the fast shred guitar solos to fit their actual shredding ability
"dude, i started listening to (insert band name here) a few months back. they came to town last night and played a show. i went and was very disappointed by what i heard. they can't play worth shit live."

"sounds like a Dragonforce."
by Mama Lookaboobooday August 27, 2008
An amazing British power metal quintet that contains an ensemble amazing musicians. However, the band is best known for their ridiculously fast, percise, and technically proeffecient guitar players, employing dueling guitar solos, dualing guitar solos, and an array of sound effects (especially on their 2006 album "Inhuman Rampage"). Besides the fact they probably have not acknowledged the possibilty of playing a song that is even at mid-tempo, these guys shred so fast and so hard that the universe is willing to overlook that.
Holy cow! DragonForce shreds the balls of all unworthy bands!
by I-Mac July 11, 2006
The most kick-ass band ever with the golden god Herman Li as a guitarist.
The. Best. Band. Ever. Is. Called. DragonForce.
by Dragonforcefan101 December 29, 2008
Dragonforce: THE Dragonforce. Every instrument in the band has been known to play so fast that they create their own hyper-dimensional vortex. So fast that the human brain cannot process the speed at which the notes are being played. Even though they sound fast now, many scientists and researchers actually believe that the music is processed by the human mind 5.7 times too slow than it is actually played.
If anyone ever heres anyone say that Dragonforce is not Epic or speed metal, you must follow the instructions listed below:
-Crazy glue headphones to their ears
-Turn on the long version of soldiers of the wasteland
-Crank it
-Proceed to throw victim into a flaming pit
If the above is executed with precision, the victim will no longer be alive, but will have listened to the most amazing song right before they died.
by trickshot9 June 24, 2007
A band no one would have ever known about if it weren't for Guitar Hero II.
(A kid walks in a room wearing a Dragonforce shirt)

Kid 2: "What's Dragonforce, some stupid band?"

Kid 1: "Yeah right they rock!"

(Kid 2 plays Guitar Hero II and walks in with a Dragonforce shirt the next day)

Kid 1: "I thought you said Dragonforce was a stupid band?"

Kid 2: "I heard them on Guitar Hero II, they rock, I'm gonna get all my anime friends to wear the shirts!"
by Jon Robinson (dandruff) October 05, 2007

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