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The wrist injury that frequently results from attempting to play "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce, on Guitar Hero 3. It's a combination of both carpal tunnel and a sprain in the left wrist, sometimes accompanied by a slow dull ache in the right wrist.
The only way to avoid Dragonforce wrist is to never attempt playing "Through the Fire and Flames". However, since this is nearly impossible for the red-blooded Guitar Hero loving American male, an hour long break may ease the pain.

Slash has Dragonforce wrist even though he owned the song and the game blew to freaking pieces because of his awesome guitar wizardry.
by Jona-Tron December 14, 2007
The accepted 3rd gender in Thailand, a "katoy" is a man who is undergoing or has completed the process of changing his sex to a female. Katoy is loosely translated "Ladyboy" in english.
If Adam lived in Thailand, many would consider him a katoy.
by Jona-Tron January 23, 2009
An act that may include spinning around and jumping up and down, while shooting your pistols in the air like a Mexican in the Left 4 Dead video game.
He killed all the zombies... after he was finished gundancing.
by Jona-Tron January 23, 2009

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