a girl who you would never ever date but you fuck because you know that once you have slayed enough dragons there awaits a beautiful princess in a tower somewhere
Dude, you gotta go slay that dragon!

I walked into the party last night and there was a flock of dragons just waiting to pounce!
by bignhail420 September 22, 2009
Sick Ass rapper, associate of "ruff ryders". Drag-On featured in DMX's song "No love for me". Hes real name is Mel Smalls.
you might take a DRAG but you cant flame ON!
by Nic March 12, 2005
The Dragon reffers to marijuana. It is called a dragon because marijuana has mystical powers just liek a dragon. the Dragon has levels based on the size of it.
Jim: "yoo, i just smoked a level 20 dragon all by myself and im like, dudeee..."
Kyle: "that must of been an epic dragon you rode"
Jim: "that weed was craaazy"
by bbqhaxor June 13, 2011
Someone whose life drags on long past the point at which it should have ended, hence a drag-on.
The narrator of Stephen King's _The Green Mile_ sure was a dragon!
by Durwoodie October 09, 2009
a very ugly girl, Used for one night stands to get better in bed
you gotta slay a couple of dragons til you find your princess

I almost ran over a Dragon with my car last night
by asubbbagh April 09, 2009
An extremely clingy girlfriend who's mean to your friends.
Hey Brian where's the dragon?
by Ty112 February 24, 2008
A girl who is ugly , mostly used on girls . A girl that has a Fcked up face :p
Boy :"Can you spit fire ??"
Girl :"Uhhh Noo!!"
Boy :"What kinda dragon are you??"

Boy1 :"Yo , see that girl??"
Boy2 :"Yeah , what a dragon broo."
Boy1 :"Haha , her nose makes her a dragon. XD "
by DICKSTIONARY December 31, 2011

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