a girl who you would never ever date but you fuck because you know that once you have slayed enough dragons there awaits a beautiful princess in a tower somewhere
Dude, you gotta go slay that dragon!

I walked into the party last night and there was a flock of dragons just waiting to pounce!
by bignhail420 September 22, 2009
Sick Ass rapper, associate of "ruff ryders". Drag-On featured in DMX's song "No love for me". Hes real name is Mel Smalls.
you might take a DRAG but you cant flame ON!
by Nic March 12, 2005
The Power Metal way to pronounce 'Dragon' (at least if you're in Dream Evil).
"We were chasing the the Drag-on...
We were searching everywhere
In the chase of the Drag-on...
Let the gods lead us there
In the chase of the Drag-on...
I sacrifice my blood
In the chase of the Draaaaaaaag-oooooon!!!"

--Dream Evil
by bythorsbeard February 07, 2005
The Dragon reffers to marijuana. It is called a dragon because marijuana has mystical powers just liek a dragon. the Dragon has levels based on the size of it.
Jim: "yoo, i just smoked a level 20 dragon all by myself and im like, dudeee..."
Kyle: "that must of been an epic dragon you rode"
Jim: "that weed was craaazy"
by bbqhaxor June 13, 2011
Someone whose life drags on long past the point at which it should have ended, hence a drag-on.
The narrator of Stephen King's _The Green Mile_ sure was a dragon!
by Durwoodie October 09, 2009
a very ugly girl, Used for one night stands to get better in bed
you gotta slay a couple of dragons til you find your princess

I almost ran over a Dragon with my car last night
by asubbbagh April 09, 2009
An extremely clingy girlfriend who's mean to your friends.
Hey Brian where's the dragon?
by Ty112 February 24, 2008

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