n. your friend's other friend that nobody in your circle of friends likes, because they are unattractive or obnoxious. Usually, your friend wants you to be friends with "the dragon". Overall, no one in the circle of friends enjoys a dragon's company.

If "the dragon" is a girl, she is unattractive and tries to hook up with all your friends at parties, where she is the drunkest and loudest person attending. If "the dragon" is a guy, he will also be the drunkest one, and acts like a douche bag and wont stop talking about how much he can drink or bench.
"Dude, have you seen the friend that he brought to this party? She's totally the drunkest one here and acting like a moron"

"Whatta dragon"
by Carmein January 19, 2012
The Dragon reffers to marijuana. It is called a dragon because marijuana has mystical powers just liek a dragon. the Dragon has levels based on the size of it.
Jim: "yoo, i just smoked a level 20 dragon all by myself and im like, dudeee..."
Kyle: "that must of been an epic dragon you rode"
Jim: "that weed was craaazy"
by bbqhaxor June 13, 2011
when someone asks what your eating, an easy explanation
jim: what u got for lunch?
by bungerz October 17, 2010
A sexual beast, arousal at sight, so freaking horny all day long.

Has a HUGE penis.

:D ~ ~ ~ C==========3

dragon: ROAR !
by SEXGIANT123 June 30, 2010
A selfish, inconsiderate male. To call a someone a 'dragon' would be the highest insult possible.
You can also refer to a creep or a kleptomaniac as a 'dragon'.
Paul stole my candy bar, he's such a DRAGON!
by toasters April 26, 2009
a very ugly girl, Used for one night stands to get better in bed
you gotta slay a couple of dragons til you find your princess

I almost ran over a Dragon with my car last night
by asubbbagh April 09, 2009
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