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Dragon Stereotype
The phrase "Dragon" is a new Kiwi/New Zealand stereotype.
Similar to "Emo" or "Scene", the Dragon stereotype is a mix of many stereotypes, someone is a "Dragon" if they stand out in a crowd, similar to how a Dragon would stand out in a crowd of people.
Ways to pick a Dragon
-Colorful hair/Wacky outrageous hair styles
-Colorful unique/Stand out Clothes
-Possibly goth, emo or scene as long as there unlike other people and stand out.
Logan: Is that a Dragon?
Shannon: Yeah man! Look at his hair! There's five colors! And look at his clothes! There crazy colorful.
by Bigbobrocks June 28, 2009
A mythical creature present in both western and eastern legends. Usually scaly, serpentine, have wings, and a crest of some kind.

Western legends show dragons in a fairly negative light. Most of the legends of dragons show them as fearsome, merciless beats who devour maidens, destroy villages, and keep hoards of treasures for which numerous knights attempt to slay the dragon in quests for either righteousness or personal wealth.

Eastern legends, however, show dragons in a much more positive sense. In most eastern areas, especially China and Japan, dragons are sacred beings of a snakes body, wings, a deer's antlers, and numerous other parts from other creatures rather than the modern day scaly, winged beasts. The eastern dragons are revered with honor and are considered symbols of wealth, strength, intelligence, and overall near-perfection.

The modern day dragon usually encapsulates the fearsome, strong, and proud looks of western myths and the intelligence, holiness, and strength of dragons in eastern myths. However, most dragons nowadays are used as signs of strength, majesty, honor, intelligence, etc.

A dragon is not a dragon unless he breaths fire.
If dragons existed, this world would be complete.
by 0rph3u5 March 12, 2012
when someone asks what your eating, an easy explanation
jim: what u got for lunch?
by bungerz October 17, 2010
When you inhale sooo much weed at one time that when you breathe out, nothing but thick smoke and ash comes out - much like a dragon.
O god he just did a dragon!!!
by Degenerate-Joe May 03, 2007
A girl who is ugly , mostly used on girls . A girl that has a Fcked up face :p
Boy :"Can you spit fire ??"
Girl :"Uhhh Noo!!"
Boy :"What kinda dragon are you??"

Boy1 :"Yo , see that girl??"
Boy2 :"Yeah , what a dragon broo."
Boy1 :"Haha , her nose makes her a dragon. XD "
by DICKSTIONARY December 31, 2011
(Western) A large reptilian creature with wings that can breathe fire. Sometimes portrayed as evil demons, other times as benevolent saviors.
1- The knight set out to slay the dragon.
2- It's a bloody flying alligator setting fire to my city!!
by 42pieplusfish September 25, 2010
Used to describe a middle aged asian woman who dates and/ or sleeps with much younger men. Related to the Cougar.
"This hot Dragon was hitting on me at the bar last night."

"So What did you do?"

"I gave her some Kung-Pao Beef."
by hookahj October 13, 2009