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A man’s evening dress, dinner suit, dress suit, white tie and tails, or tuxedo.
Ted: The party's formal? I'd better get out my soup and fish and dust it off.
by debodun June 12, 2006
Mandatory membership.
If anyone being hired for a job is forced to join the worker's union there. The union has a policy of mandership.
by debodun May 30, 2010
To take longer than the accustomed time to graduate from school (gradually graduate) - either from being held back or taking less than the recommended credit courses. i.e. taking 6 years to go through high school or get a B.A. drgree.
Todd is only taking 6 semester hours this term. At that rate, he should gradualate in about 8 years.
by debodun March 16, 2009
A combination of contraband and entrepreneur. A person that sells a high quality but illegal items (i.e. blackmarketer).
Man, that weed Joe sells is real boss. He must be a contrapreneur.
by debodun March 05, 2012
An ugly woman, especially an elderly one, because she has wrinkled skin and long, sharp fingernails. Akin to "dog" which is usually used to refer to an unattractive younger woman.
Old Mrs. Gondorf is a real dragon.
by debodun July 28, 2007
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