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5 definitions by Adam Giannini

The Beast of all Beasts
Thou shalt not slay thy dragon, thy dragon shalt slay thou.
by Adam Giannini November 26, 2003
371 166
Two words that men don't like to hear unless they're put together.
"Oh god Henry, don't stop!
by Adam Giannini December 14, 2003
138 21
The words "foursome" and "orgy" combined into one magical word
Wanna have a fourgie?
by Adam Giannini April 01, 2004
12 2
An item (usually electronic) left in the car that is worth breaking the window to steal.
Yo, dude, don't leave that in the car, it's a window breaker.
by Adam Giannini April 11, 2004
8 1
A Rock band.
Less has an album named piano wire smile.
by Adam Giannini December 13, 2003
9 20