A female which upon sight of causes erectile reversal!
Jeff thought he had met a Unicorn online, but once they met he found out she was a complete Dragon!
by LilredRabbit August 24, 2011
A mythical creature, or, cryptid, That resembles a large lizard with bat-like wings. They range in color to blend in to their surroundings. They are 100% AWESOME!!!!!!!
Billy Bob: "wow did u just see dat dragon"
Cheese bugah:"Pfft. Wow BB, u know dragons aren't real"
Billy Bob: *GLARE*
by SausageNoodles51 January 28, 2015
n. A Drag Queen. A man who impersonates a female for the entertainment of others.
I went to the gay club and there were Dragons and trade everywhere.
by Xing Shuay June 06, 2009
Fire-breathing creatures with large bat-like wings, scaly bodies, four legs, and a head, sometimes two. Thought to be around since dinosaur times.
Me:Dragons are real!!! I saw one yesterday when I was drunk!!!
by BLOODY REVENGE July 03, 2005
A mythical being that will come into your bed at night at stick his dick up your ass.
Henry: *Zzzz* *snore* --- WTF was that?
Percy: *Purrr* *hump*
Henry: Holy shit! Is that a-- it's a dragon! I just got f*cked by a dragon! FML
by Xenos59 July 02, 2014
Receiving a stuffed toy that resembles a dragon as a gift.
Fiona called me up to the carpark to give me a dragon!
by TheGMan February 07, 2013
A fat chick
I just banged a dragon last night
by Thesuperawesomedude March 01, 2014

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