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n. A Drag Queen. A man who impersonates a female for the entertainment of others.
I went to the gay club and there were Dragons and trade everywhere.
by Xing Shuay June 06, 2009
18 16
Gods Gifts who are then given to a sexy female who meets the requirements for dragons.
Bro! she can get the DRAGONS
by Lord of D. September 27, 2013
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A dragon(s), also known as deep dark dragons, is a term for someone's most hidden secrets. The term can also be considered similar to the mythical creature, in which both are frightening in appearance, destructive (to the person's feelings) and atrocious.

*Many examples could include a very embarrasing secret, or something that is too controversial to mention to anyone.

(Note: dragons can be revealed to someone extremely loyal to that person, such as a family member or close friend.)
Girl 1's best friend: So, what are your deep, dark dragons? I won't tell.

Girl 1: One time, I was walking down the street. Then I accidentally fell on the ground, and my hair got caught in some dog turd. It took me HOURS to clean up! It was so embarrassing!
by crazyjoe30 August 11, 2011
4 3
Fire-breathing creatures with large bat-like wings, scaly bodies, four legs, and a head, sometimes two. Thought to be around since dinosaur times.
Me:Dragons are real!!! I saw one yesterday when I was drunk!!!
by BLOODY REVENGE July 03, 2005
69 68
A mythical being that will come into your bed at night at stick his dick up your ass.
Henry: *Zzzz* *snore* --- WTF was that?
Percy: *Purrr* *hump*
Henry: Holy shit! Is that a-- it's a dragon! I just got f*cked by a dragon! FML
by Xenos59 July 02, 2014
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A fat chick
I just banged a dragon last night
by Thesuperawesomedude March 01, 2014
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Receiving a stuffed toy that resembles a dragon as a gift.
Fiona called me up to the carpark to give me a dragon!
by TheGMan February 07, 2013
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