V. The act of raising your hands over your head while vomiting in an attempt to imitate a fire-breathing dragon. This is usually done while extremely intoxicated and makes for a hilarious scene.
1. Uhhhh, all that beer and Taco Bell made me sick; I think I am going to dragon.

2. Dude, I just dragoned off the balcony. Now, where's my beer?
by T without PoPo or seanf April 06, 2011
When a guy cums while getting a blowjob and shoots his load out of a woman's nose. Often occurs when timed properly. It also helps to be well endowed.
The sorority girl didnt even see it coming, as Todd gave her the dragon the first time they hooked up. She gagged a bit, but took it like a champ.

The wife knew I was going to try and dragon her, so she kept the hummer shallow.
by Chicago Joey Biscuits December 30, 2011
something that is intensly sweet or just friggin awesome
That person is so dragon
by WalaWalaWashington April 28, 2009
The word Dragon was traslated in 1611 from the greek word Drakon (not to be confused with Draco which is the name given a constalation of star that resemble the shape of a Drakon or Dragon) Drakon is the greek translation of the Hebrew word Tanniynim which has a broad meaning.
In hebrew literature tanniynim is used as names or synonyms of the following or as a group name for a type(kind) of creature
1. Whale or great fish
2. Sea monster/Sea serpent
3. Leviathan (Livy^ath^an)
4. large reptile
5. Behemoth (Behemot, B`hemot, Bahimuth, Bahamut)
6. large flying serpents/reptiles
7. that old serpent aka the devil, satan

the first six entries above discribe creatures, who's existance has been proven by the fossil record of the earth but which fall under a different name, one which has yet to be associated with the word Dragon, for what ever reason. That name is Dinosaur i.e. the Dragons of legend are Dinosaurs.
Dragons where assumed to be a mythological creature, however through studies of the myth compared with actual historical evidence, the myth of dragons can be best explained by giving them the name Dinosaur.
by William Harwell April 22, 2006
A somewhat mythical creature that was said to be slayed by european knights in medieval times, and were regarded as a symbol of good luck to the Chinese.

I just think they are really awesome.
Note: The below is in my Christian Creationist view, dont read this if you Are offended with my viewpoints. I am bombarded with evolutionist viewpoints on the internet each day, allow me to have my viewpoints, if you'd be so kind:

The Bible was known to mention dragons. In fact the old testament mentions the word dragon 21 times, take note of the mentioning specifically in the book of Job.

Take note that Job is the oldest book in the Bible:

Job 40:19 And of the leviathan, the greatest of the ocean animals, God said that even the leviathan could not "stand before me" Job 41:34,10

(The leviathan, also called a dragon, was noted as one of the greatest beasts, along with the behemoth, in the Old testement.)

Job was more than likely mentioning of the Dinosaurs that were living in his time.

Or, more specifically Job was probably mentioning a Whale (Hebrews translates this is "tanniynim" literally translated as Dragon, but this cant be as Job 41:1-34 mentions the Leviathan as a firebreather, (which is not surprising, as there is a beetle today which has an explosive-causing mechanism.)

The flame-breathing aspect of the above was probably a plesiosaur.
by Not Zane August 16, 2004
New: Your dragon is your inner strength, and spirit. Its strong, and powerful. It flies the skies freely watching. It protects its self. It does not fear others in its way. Everyone has a dragon in them, it's just yours is either free or not. If your dragon is free you are a strong individual that doesn't scar easily or get put down with one shot. Its free and beautiful.
I have set free my inner dragon.
by Poofi August 17, 2011
An actual reptile that existed in the creataceous period as the largest reptile of all. It evolved to swim in water and thus they didn't get entirely wiped out in the mass extinction by the meteor. Most of the remaining fish-like dragons moved to rivers and lakes in china. They moved ontowards land Thus giving the Ancient chinese' their long scaly like dragon symbol.). They were now long scaly dragons, with small useless fins. Evolution gave them back their wings and in medieval times, they flew around and actually did breath fire. (They had hydrogen chambers near the lungs and they ate a substance from mountainsides that causes a reaction to cause fire when mixed with the hydrogen.). Dragons died out near the end of the medieval time due to local kings getting angry at them for killing local livestock and whatnot. 2 dragon remains were found in the Carpathean mountains along with burnt dead and decayed warrior bodies. If you think i'm wrong, think about it. How did so many old civilizations have a dragon symbol? Was it just a coincidence? No. Did they ALL form their own mythological creature that was almost exactly alike in every civilization? Old artic people had a dragon symbol, and so did chinese people. They had no relationship or methods of contact. Coincidence? Very unlikely. My source Dragons : A fantasy made real, aired on Animal Planet in apri (I think).
Dragons existed. They were bigger than T-rexes. They ruled prehistoric times. Dominated the chinese. Dominated in the medieval period. We have physical proof. They aren't a myth. They were actual, flying, fire-breathing reptiles.
by hanes May 21, 2005

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