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To be successful in picking up someone to have sex with; to score; to pull; to get lucky. Said to be a common expression in Newfoundland. Used as both a transitive and intransitive verb.
"He's amazing. He can drag off every time we go out on George Street."

"I'd love to drag him off tonight. Or him. Or her."
by only Louise January 13, 2008
To score, to get lucky, to pull. May be either transitive or intransitive. Said to be common in Newfoundland.
"He's amazing; he'll drag off every time we go to George Street."

"Wouldn't I love to drag him off ..."
by onlyLouise January 04, 2008
An act whereby a person, usually a male, attempts to bring a member of the opposite sex home from a bar, using during last call, and is often faced with much aggrevation and mockery from peers from the next day on.
Did you see the chick Dave went home with last night? Man, that was a BAD drag-off!
by Paul Walsh September 17, 2004