when you tea-bag a girl but instead of just dipping your balls in her mouth you put them (wet mind you) on her forehead and drag them back to her mouth then re-dip (can also be combined with the dip tickler)
man i thought becky was a prude untill she told me she would let me drag bag her
by the drag bag kalifa May 26, 2011
Top Definition
A woman's breasts that are so deflated ,that they can no longer be considered "fun bags" anymore.
Look at how low those drag bags hang on that bitch! I think my grandma's titties sit higher than hers!
by Thinkinfyou March 18, 2009
a variation of the teabag in Halo Reach. to perform a drag bag, squat over a dead opponent's chest and move forward in a crouch before he respawns, dragging your bag over his visor and forcing him to watch the maneuver. for maximum amusement, donkey punch him while dragbagging.
SlimJim just pwned Buck, so he dragbagged his corpse to add insult to injury
by DHGColonelKurtz February 28, 2011
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