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Queefe, Pussy Fart, Snatch Releaser, Dungeon Relief
The office was quiet, then the smell of Filet of Fish spread quickly around the room. That`s when we knew Jackie had gave us a silent but deadly Fish Fart.
by BigDaddy618 October 19, 2010
Before you tea-bag someone, you slide the divider of your nutbag along the receivers nose there by leaving a salty after taste on their upper lip for them to enjoy.
I swear to God if Sara doesn`t quit screaming thru the PA system; I`m going to give her a Salty Bag Drag!
by BigDaddy618 April 27, 2010
Two pounds of pussy-TPOP
Did you see Ally`s monkey in her spandex workout pants?
Yeah, you know shes got T.P.O.P.
by BigDaddy618 April 22, 2010
When a persons 2nd toe is 3 inches longer than their big toe, therefore resembling a copperhead snake.
Mom! Dad! Look at the snake track in the sand. Don`t be afraid honey its just Tara`s Copperhead Toe.
by BigDaddy618 April 30, 2010
When a girl has a lot of freckles that stem down to the netherlands. (as long as it is shaved)
Look at how many freckles Gerri has, you know she has a freckled monkey.
by BigDaddy618 April 30, 2010
A person with a hot body but a face that would scare the devil.
-Guys standing in line-
Gary- Look at the ass on that!
Girl turns around
Rick- Yep, nice turd chopper but has a face like a bastard rat.
by BigDaddy618 April 23, 2010
When you`re young and with a girl, but afraid to eat the lunchpail raw, so you tongue it through her pants.
Hey Cooper how was Kayla last night? Man she wouldn`t take off her pants so now i got dry tongue chaffing!
by BigDaddy618 April 21, 2010

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