n. Someone who performs oral sex on a woman while she is menstrating.
Jana - Dude, Sicko! Rindy told me what you tried to do last night!
Skeevo - What?!?
Jana - Let's just say I'll be calling you Dracul from now on...
by F. Rodderick Hsu May 18, 2005
Top Definition
The devil - in romanian. In old romanian it ment dragon. Also the name of the romanian ruler, Vlad Dracul, that the Dracula novel of Bram Stoker was loosely based on.
Te ia mama dracului - The devil's mother shall have you
by Toranaga1984 December 16, 2008
Vlad dracula's father's last name
Vlad Dracula: Vlad dracul is my father
by xXGothic_VampiressXx January 11, 2007
Evil, or bloodthirsty or something like tht
Vlad Dracul, yes tht was his REAL name. Vlad the Evil
by Jade May 10, 2004
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