a fat doctor who yells at fat ppl. he is also Oprah's man hore.
dr. phil"u r fat and stupid" fat person"waaaaa"
by kim January 20, 2004
The biggest betrayl to manhood the world has ever seen. He is a sell out pussy that tells women what they want to hear other than the truth. He almost always sides with the women and if not he makes fun of the people with problems to promote his own ego.
If the audience of any TV show is mostly fat women, then there is a scam afoot.
by the mushroom headed soilder December 05, 2003
a fat bald guy who thinks he knows everything and makes up really wierd metaphors that are connected to farm life
someone who should be put off the air and sent back to milking cows on the Texas ranch
dr. phil is a moron
by meowm sux a lot December 09, 2003
Dr.Phil is a daytime talk show host who is a disgrace to America. He constantly pretends to help people, everyone who appears on his show is most likely an actor. Is full of lifetimish quotes and sayings off Hallmark cards.
"I went to the counselor today, and she didn't even help, she's such a Dr. Phil!"
by Tiffany July 08, 2004
The most brutal warrior ever to be spawned by a human. Dr Phil is a television psychiatrist who, in his spare time, kills hookers, babies, old people, and anyone who stands in range of his onslaught. Dr Phil cannot die, but can only get stronger. People make fun of him, and then suddenly stop. BECAUSE THEY DIE! It is believed that Chuck Norris once went under the training of Dr Phil, and is his greatest pupil. To this day, Dr Phil still pwns noobs.
John: Did you hear that Dr Phil can fly?
Jim: Wouldn't surprise me. I mean, he IS Dr Phil!
by me? February 08, 2006
A man who has become famous only because Oprah Winfrey see feminist or man hater gave him a show that airs after her's, because she became sick of seeing his ratty old face on her show every tuesday. The man dedicates entire weeks of his show to help people "lose weight" when the man looks as though he's never missed a meal in his life.
My friend asked me who that bald, dooshbaggin', redneck, wanna be shrink, who only became successful because Oprah's soccer mom army are to tired to change the channel after her show, was on T.V... and i replied !DR PHIL!
by drphil=redneck March 20, 2006
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