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sound of tires screeching very loudly
everytime danielle is driving the car and she takes a turn all the boys in the back yell out SCCRRRRRGGGHH pissing her off more and more
by fatawesome October 10, 2007
a man fucking a man who is fucking a horse
dude your dick is in steven whose dick is in seabiscuit... sweet double centaur.
by fatawesome October 10, 2007
a girl whose vagina has been used so many times it looks like a shark bit it
pam is such a slut look at her sharkbite
by fatawesome October 10, 2007
cumming on to a toothbrush and then making a girl brush her teeth with the spunk paste
jill your teeth look fucking digusting, here let me give you some colgate.
by fatawesome October 10, 2007
a vagina that has shaved only the middle leaving the sides and sides of legs with pubic hair, similiar to dr.phil's bald head
look at joan's bush, it's a dr. phil and i'm going to ask it for advice
by fatawesome October 10, 2007
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