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Term used to define the inabilty to stop grinding your teeth, chewing, licking your lips, or shaking/moving your jaw when high on uppers such as crack, cocaine, e, and crank. A negative effect of all uppers. Why ravers have binkies.
my friend and I did amphetamine and got terrible crack jaw we each chewed and entire pack of orbit that night to stop from fucking up our mouth.
by yoitsashlee February 12, 2007
A texas born psychiatrist who has his own ridiculous talk show. Common themes include crack whores, obese people and abusive husbands. It's impossible to be chosen to appear on the show if your IQ is above 70.
If your addicted to drugs, you should go to rehab!
If you're fat you should go on a diet!
thank god for dr. phil, I never could have solved these problems on my own.

by yoitsashlee February 12, 2007

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