A quite interesting carbonated soft-drink. It tastes great the first time you have it, or if you don't drink it too frequently, but its' flavor seems to fade and become un-noticeable if you drink it on a regular basis. It is better than Coke and Pepsi, and all the other popular soft-drinks, and often causes one to belch loudly, which is reason enough to drink it.
I remember the day Chris had a slice of pizza and a Dr. Pepper, and did the loudest belch I've ever heard in my life!
by Malcolm X-crement December 23, 2003
Medicine-esque piece-of-shit soft drink that stupid Americans like probably because they truely believe a Doctor came up with the vile concontion. If a doctor, or maybe a chemist, indeed did come up with it, here's the official recipe:
1. pathetic name
2. pepper
3. liberal amount of cough mixture
4. that stuff thats underneath the keys on your keyboard
5. vinegar
6. sugar
7. piss
8. some shit to make it brown

Refer to coke or pepsi for far better tasting alternatives.
"What is this crap they're trying to pass off as legimate soft drink?"
"Its Dr. Pepper, and thankfully it onl lasted 19 seconds in our country"
by Lawson March 30, 2005
the root of all evil in this world. most disgusting thing out there. should never be consumed
i almost died from that dr. pepper
by little dumpling May 20, 2010
Sex in a can.
"The Dr. Pepper was so good that when I finished drinking it I had sex with the can."
by Petty Pabloed All Over Himself March 23, 2004
Disgusting American soft drink that people only drink because they are too stupid to drink something lacking carbonation. Truly foul.
Let's have a Dr Pepper. Actually, lets not.
by Mr Iced Coffee December 21, 2003
a shot of ammeretto in a cup of beer... mmm tastes like dr.pepper... yummeh and get u tanked as shit till u pukeing ur face hole off
lets get drunk off dr pepper
by karen April 07, 2004
The oldest soft drink, came into fruition in 1885. The period was dropped during the 50s. There were never any prunes as a part of the formula, however it is a unique combination of 23 different fruit flavors!
Dr Pepper is an odd tasting drink, but yummy none the less.
by Bonita Applebum February 22, 2006
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