dead presidents-money
hes been hustlin all day he must have a pocket full of dps
by mark jordan May 07, 2005
Detroit Public Schools
The DPS once tried to include Ebonics as a Foreign Language.
by Linux System Message November 24, 2004
Dehydrated Penis Syndrome
When the penis becomes old and saggy. It shrivles up and becomes very wricly. Once a penis comes down with the dreaded DPS, the victom can never have sex or pleasure himself again.

A disese that is passed down by the offsprings parents. When one has such disese they become infected and should be nutered imeditly. If disese has completly takein over then the victom becomes deadly.

Dehydrated Penis Syndrome is concidered an illegal wepon for is is very contagious in its early stages and if not stoped then the female partner of such victom will undoubtly come down with DVS.
by Ryan Jacobson September 06, 2006
Dick Packin' Sacks. It's just something girls got. You score them on a scale of 0-1 usually in multiples of .05. Anything can change a girls DPS score: appearence, actions, child bearing abilities, financial situation, just about anything. The closer to 1 the better, and in some special cases negative DPS can be obtained.
1. "Way to be a stupid bitch, your DPS just went down .2 points."

2. "Man I would give Karen a .7 DPS."
by Jeff Hardy July 09, 2006
De pon scunt
Dude, that is totally DPS

Man, she is dps
by GMAU November 04, 2003
Dirty Penis Syndrome; self explanatory
My boyfriend had DPS hardcore last night.
by Erika EM. October 31, 2007
DPS Master
Dude, you are the first DPS Master in this city.
by GMAU buddy November 06, 2003

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