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UK street slang for prostitute
'Emilys a doxie all right, gotta love them whores"
by eden February 27, 2005
236 97
slang for the Dachshund dog breed
That is the cutest doxie puppy.
by Inuneko May 30, 2009
67 24
A modern document scanner. Just like regular old-school paper scanners, but cooler, smarter, cheaper, web-connected, and awesome.
*at a hipster coworking space*
Girl: Excuse me, but is that a Doxie? Far out!
Boy: I know, right? It scans stuff right to the cloud.
Girl: *picks up Doxie* It's so lightweight and portable! Whoa, that sounded like cheesy ad copy. Um, anyway... you're so cool that you have one!
Boy: I know, right? Come on, let's go back to my place. I've got some, uh, other toys you might like.
Girl: Let's go!
by perfectpizza February 06, 2010
151 140