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a period of rest or sleep taken during the day
"I'm a bit tapped right now, think I'm gonna take some down time before landing that party later."
by sixpac November 22, 2003
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Time to chill and/or fettle.
Man, i spent the last 4hours solid getting my rocks off on the dance floor and now I surely need some down time.
by All future generations December 08, 2003
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down-time: downtime

n : a period of time when you do absolutely nothing besides sit on your ass.
"I was so tired, i decided i needed to have a little downtime."
by curtis November 25, 2003
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1. Relaxing, chilling out
2. (Geeky) Period of time when a server or service is unavailable
1. I've been working all week, let's get a bottle of vodka and have some downtime at my place.
2. There was some downtime on SlashDot earlier today, and thousands of nerds were later found dead, of self-inflicted stab wounds.
by Evil Timmy November 22, 2003
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me and tyrone got our ass busted while smokin tha chronic in the back of the 7-11 during our down time
by XXL November 21, 2003
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A period of time where one is required to attend work but not actually do anything productive whatsoever. Also known as a complete waste of time.
We had downtime at the plant this week and done fook all.
by neo December 09, 2003
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I have more downtime if I get the task done when I get home.
by Light Joker May 24, 2005
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