An Aussie term made-up by me and my best friend to describe another slow, stupid classmate, and my little sister. Kind of like being a dumb blonde. Best explanation I can give is simple – doughy : meaning thick, like dough is before it’s baked.
Doesn’t grasp/understand things quickly
1. During class one day my best friend and i threw something at our doughy friend, it hit her right on the back of her head, and about a min later she slowly blinked, looked around and asked “did someone just throw something at me??”

2. My sister: “Y would u need to use listerine if ur on a boat?”
Me: “Because if u drink too much salt water u’ll get barnicles on ur teeth, like the underside of the boat
My sister: “…..really…?”

3. My mum: “I need u to buy a pressie for a 6 yr old girl” *on top of list writes Barbie Clothes*
Me: “What size clothes do u want tho…”
Mum: *laughs* *changes Barbie Clothes to Barbie Clothes FOR BARBIE*
by Rachel Taylor (tm) September 27, 2005
Top Definition
Cross between fat and muscular; easier to spot if shirtless or wearing a net wifebeater style.
by Anonymous June 20, 2003
An Australian term. A doughy person is slow to catch on and in fact would be the type of person who doesn't understand the meaning of this word.
Girl in Mcdonalds: What does doughy mean?
Other girl in McDonalds: It means doughy like you know dough.
by Roger Incognito July 06, 2009
Overweight but not disgusting...similar to chubby
No hes not gross fat, he's doughy
by doughybabygurl December 28, 2008
Trippy/Shady. Used to describe a person.
"Zoe is so doughy. I swear she didn't have that many followers last week."
"What a doughy hoe."
by niamh-eo June 10, 2015
long standing Aussie term for moron not invented by Rachel or her friend! also term describing doing doughnuts in a car.
johnnos a real doughy cunt.
peto was doin some sik doughys out the front of the servo yesty mate
by fingalhead August 17, 2006
When you have a half-way hard donger. Usually happens after you see a hott girl.
Mannn...She gives me a huge doughy!!!
by Anonymous September 10, 2003

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