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primitive internal combustion engine, powered by tank of burning fossils. easily distinguishing by voluminous clouds of blue smoke. Favourite bike choice of sooky floundering bench racers complaining of fouled spark plugs and cracked reed valves, whilst prophecising the ease of the 12 "simple & inexpensive" rebuilds per annum. get an effie and learn to ride!!!
completely blinded by unwaivering devotion to neanderthal technology 'kx250' could not see that his two smoke clanger is a piece of junk
by fingalhead August 17, 2006
long standing Aussie term for moron not invented by Rachel or her friend! also term describing doing doughnuts in a car.
johnnos a real doughy cunt.
peto was doin some sik doughys out the front of the servo yesty mate
by fingalhead August 17, 2006

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