Delicious pastry which usually has icing and sprinkles on it...mmmmm yum
Homer Simpson: there anything they can't do?
by love child March 05, 2005
a guy that is really hot or "delicious" but is really "bad for you", as in they are a jerk, or player
Ana-"He is soo hot but he completly blew me off last night"
Me- " I told you to stay away from doughnuts."
by A.r.P June 18, 2007
doughnuts: cheddar, cash,
Confirmed by Mike Tyson on Nightline interview, Sept. 13, 2006.
"I don't wanna fight, but I gotta make the doughnuts, ya know?"
- Mike Tyson
by rickfx September 13, 2006
A synecdoche or “pars pro toto” derogatory term for a woman which characterizes her by her vagina. Doughnut=Vagina=Woman. Adding a possesive pronoun indicates a relationship beyond friendship but not necessarily intimate.
Stan: "I think my doughnut is cheating on me."

Bob: "Really, why?"

Stan: "At first I was finding clothes and stuff in the dresser that weren't mine, then she changed the lock, then I got a restraining order"

Bob: "Dude, I think that makes you a stalker"

Stan: "Yeah, but do you think she's sleeping around on me?"

Bob: "...Maybe,but...oh well."

by Mastermynd May 08, 2006
The ring of fat around the hips, including the love handles and belly.
Courtney, can I touch your doughnut please?
by Courtney Reed January 06, 2004
Object used in the trade of sexual favors. Participants in trade include hungry girls who haven't eaten anything all day because of work, and potheads who are in possession of the doughnut.
"Omg, can I have that doughnut? I haven't eaten anything all day cuz of work. I'll do anything for that doughnut"
by the meows May 03, 2010
The comic relief of the Red Team on the popular online series "Red Vs Blue".
Griff: I wish Doughnut was here. I could convince him that there was food underground and he would dig 1/2 the hole..or maybe 1/3 of the hole...actually he would just use the shovel to eat oatmeal. On second thought, I don't wish doughnut was here!
by PyrolordCedric November 30, 2005
a term for an unattractive female.
On a scale of 1-10, Shelly was a freaking doughnut.
by jigga jerry December 24, 2008

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