The act of being reamed by a douche bag.
Steve: "Hey are you on your way yet"

Brian: "No, I'm getting douched out by my dad"
by diablostallion November 27, 2010
Top Definition
Any ground-based vehicle (such as a bicycle, motorcycle, car, truck, van, bus, train, etc.) that has crashed or is in the process of crashing.
Drake: See that twisted heap of metal over there?
Josh: Yeah!
Drake: That was a minivan that douched out a few days ago.
by Telephony December 06, 2011
Crazy, whack, or ridiculously stupid.
In "We Made You: The Making of," Eminem speaks of his impersonations of celebrities as being "the most douched out versions of people I could come up with on the spot."
by yummybubble2 August 11, 2009
When someone acts like such a douchebag that it makes you emotionally and physically tired.

Person 1:"Hey do you want to hang out tonight?"

Person 2: "No, John was being such a douche today, and I'm too douched-out to go anywhere."
by clarissacutie October 09, 2011
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