A special brand of douchebag that wears exceptionally large aviator sunglasses, causing them appear like an insect.
Haha, look at that douchebug over there with the six popped collars and aviators the size of dinner plates!
by maowai April 21, 2011
Top Definition
A particularly annoying bug. The bug equivalent of a human douchebag.
"I've been trying to catch that fly for three days. The douchebug's going to have to die soon!"
by RedSquirrelPssht April 05, 2010
A viral infection caused by excessive exposure to douchebags and/or douchecanoes causing one to behave in a douchy or douchebaggish manner towards others or in general.

There is no known cure at this time.
"Wow, you're really acting like a douchebag today."

"You're being an asshole. You must have caught the douchebug."
by Kalvin.Grey February 07, 2012
One who tends to spoil everyones fun, a party pooper. A complete and total downer or an irritating person that kills the mood or moment. Similar but not quite to. douchebag.
"Everytime we want to go get wasted you have to be such douchebug and tell mom"
by Loki LaVey January 07, 2008
n. Any douchebag wearing aviator sunglasses
"Haha, look at that douchebug over there!"
"Yea he probably thinks he's all that."
by Captain Calypso! October 12, 2009
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