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Having a condition (particularly females), where you are constantly attracted to men who are douchebags (i.e - they treat you like crap, take longer to get ready than you do, cheat on you).
See I have this problem.. its called douchebagitis- I always going for douchebags and then ending up in an epic fail.
#douchebag #douch #douche #douchebagitis #douchbagitis
by camann November 12, 2009
A curious condition that affects many over the world. Tends to affect people with more money, the arrogant and idiots.

Symptoms may include: popped collar, expensive clothes, unneccessary accessories, aura of arrogance.
Also known as being a douchebag.
John: Wow its midnight and he's wearing D&G glasses with a popped Lacross collar.
Paul: He must have a severe case of douchebagitis.
#douchebag #douchebagitis #arrogant #stupid #disease
by twofacediav June 21, 2009
a debilitating condition similar to The McNaughton rule. Mainly found in young male adults.


self centered
often on his manstrul cycle
an over-inflated sense of self worth

often considers things his friends enjoy childish
cant be bothered with things that he does not benefit from
is a dick toward people that he considers not witty compared to him
needs a map to avoid / escape getting lost and vanishing into the vagina world
rants about bitches when drunk then begs you to not show people the tape
He couldn't hang out Friday night he's suffering from douchebagitis
#gay #emo #super #health food #yo bo
by oohnooo February 19, 2010
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