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The act of doing two European chicks at the same time, preferably on a college backpacking trip in Amsterdam. The girls probably don't speak the same language and had no idea there would be two girls involved.

Dude I got some double Dutch action last summer with Olga and Sonya in Amsterdam
by McKeys November 24, 2006
when u have so much weed that u need 2 dutchie cigars to roll a blunt.
damn, look at all this weed, we can roll a double dutch and get double fucked up
by gato September 14, 2003
Two Dutch people, usually men, smiling at one camera exactly 50 feet away. More than likely, pimping bling bling.
If there was ever two things in this world I didn't like, one would be the Dutch and two would be the Dutch double dutching.
by Doco The Magic Dragon and Larry September 07, 2003
When two Dutch guys analy (anal) rapes a girl/boy.
Aww. I got double dutched last night. I'm still sore.
by noname September 09, 2003