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verb; to penetrate any hole with two dicks
My buddy and I will double dick her tight pussy tonight.
We double dick the mouths of all new pledges.
by JJJJJ April 01, 2006
Bending someone over a price, or a deal but twice in a row

Usually a phrase used by cheap customers, usually of the Radio/Ham type.
Customer: "That part was $10 cheaper last year!"

Sales Person: "This is the new version, with new added features and add-ons"

Customer: ""Don't Double Dick me!"
by THEtemporalwar December 23, 2009
1. double-dick, n.1 — a precarious situation; to be very involved at the busiest or most active stage of a situation or activity

2.double-dick, n2—bullshit, rubbish, nonsense. Sense the possiblity of a double-dick is damn near impossible.

3. double-dick, n.3 — 21st century dance originating in the south

4. double-dick, n.4 - a sex toy (see feeldoe)

1. I can’t talk right now, works got me caught up in a double-dick.

1a. When he’s in the middle of a double-dick, he don’t always have time to think things through.

2.He gave me some double-dick about why he couldn’t make it to the meeting.

2a. If that ain’t some double-dick, I don’t know what is.

When you have an erection that goes down your pant leg and makes it look like you have a phallus like tumor on your thigh.
Oh my god I saw Kara in science class. I got a total double dick.
by crazyperson4931 November 18, 2010