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When one has two pussies stacked one atop the other, for easy alternating insertion. Usually done doggystyle, this position is used mostly in FFM (female-female-male) porn.
Did you see Ava Devine and Alica Saint in that new Peter North flick? He stacked their asses up into double decker pussies and fucked them both, man!
by loose_cannon November 17, 2006
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A sexual position (FFM) where two women are stacked atop one another both doggy-style and faced in the same direction, so all the male sees from behind is two pussies atop each other, hence the "double decker" pussy.
"Man did you see that Peter North vid with Asia Carrera and Jenna Jamieson? It was fucking nothing but double-decker pussies the whole first scene!
by loosecannon November 15, 2006
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have two girls that are capable of shooting cum then have them cum and somehow put their pussies together and mush the cum together and then put some ham and mayo and lettuce and tomatoes in between their pussies and a guy eats all of the food with the chicks cum all over the food it makes a double decker sandwich; sort of; and has all the oozy cum you can eat...
double decker pussy is a great snack
stephanie and emily cummed on each others pussies and it was goey and then they put sandwich items in between their pussies and cody ate it all and puked on their titties
double decker pussy is a great snack
by Wu Zi Mu July 31, 2006
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