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A guy who knows how to speak. A man who could sell water to an ocean, or talk a nun out of her clothes. He's not a con-artist, but he could acquire even the most skeptical person's confidence. He's not a politician although he does represent investors. He's the type of guy who gets shit done. A real go-getter, a smooth operating elusive gentlemen. That's not to say he can't be reached for he has been described as what some may call a womanizer. His last name usually starts with a "K", but it is not "Kool" as one might expect from a fellow with such a calm demeanor. He is sexy, and it has often been said that he is well endowed.
Anonymous 1: Who was that guy?

Anonymous 2: Oh, that was just Jamieson.

Anonymous 1: Well, I just let Jamieson borrow the car. Funny, I didn't even think to ask him his name. What was he doing here anyways?

Anonymous 2: He was an inspector.

Anonymous 1: An inspector of what?

Anonymous 2: Ok, fine. I slept with him. I'm sorry he was just sooo charismatic.

Anonymous 1: Well, You know? I'm literally not even mad right now. That guy was pretty much a badass. I totally couldn't have stopped you. If one guy was gonna sleep with my wife; that would be the guy. You've got good taste. That means I'm a keeper too.

Jamieson (from afar): I just saved their marriage.
by Anonymous 2: "The Wife" April 15, 2011

Who honestly can say that's no the first word that comes to mind when you hear that name? With that stupid fucking haircut, plus the fact she can't stop saying "ok" makes her a pretty hefty competitor for the worst type of person alive.

Jamieson: Alright class, it's time to learn about -
Class + Teachers Outside the Class: FUCK OFF DYKE!
Jamieson: *cries*

by Clayton notyalC June 03, 2016
1. Someone who never misses a meal

2. Someone who always makes sure he gets fed
That guy's always first in the lunch queue hes such a Jamieson
What a J amieson, she always eats 3 good meals a day, i wish i coudl be as healthy as her
by DrHugsNStuff August 10, 2010
A really random name for a type of basketball throw. A Jamieson is when you Throw a ball really hard at the basket and it goes in.
Kyle: (throws really hard at the basketball net)
Nick: " Wow nice Jamieson"
by KatieJames June 19, 2009
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