U do this to a girl u hate when ur about to climax shove her over and the jizz in ur hand and when she tries to get up shove the jizz in her nose and run away it is called this because u humiliate her twice
Dude I double deckered that bitch yesterday
by Hoddy toddy June 19, 2014
like an upper decker except one shits on the top of the tank lid rather than in the tank
" My boss pissed me off so I snuck into his private bathroom and left him a double decker on his toilet tank."
by Vizualist February 10, 2012
A bowel movement that was produced on top of another bowel movement.
The party was mortified when they discovered Steve had landed a Double Decker on Shannons shame.

Double Decking
by Fresco Wisdom August 06, 2011
The double decker is a combination of the upper decker and a blumpkin. The guy is on the top tank performing an upper decker while the girl faces the wall with her feet on the toilet seat giving him a blumpkin while she drops a deuce in the bottom tank
Double Decker The bitch pissed me off so in her bathroom i gave her sister a Double Decker
by tnfungi January 06, 2009
When you are taking a shit in the upper tank, she's giving you a blumpkin while taking a shit in the bowl.
Daisy and I performed a double decker at the party last night
by The Jake Bush a.k.a. Switch November 13, 2008
Urinating and defecate in the upper portion (tank) of a toilet bowl. Coined on Bitch Slap Radio.
"Man, I hate Miami Beach so much, I'm gonna take a double decker in every toilet there.
by E.D.M. August 13, 2007
The act defacating twice in 1 day.
Yo I had a Double Decker yesterday
by ROBOPANDA April 17, 2011

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