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A short hand term for a Double Cheeseburger, in particular the McDonalds Double Cheeseburger. The shortening of the word likely comes from the product's presence upon the McDonalds Dollar Menu.
Can I get two doubles, a medium fry, and a water to go?
by Rabidshark May 10, 2006
Another mountain biker slang word indicates how many holes you would like to enter a woman by single the normal way and double through both the front and back bottom! And tripple is mouth front bottom and back bottom
"She deserves double dont you agree"

"look at the ass on that she would take double dont you think?"
by Ryan November 01, 2004
Same meaning as "Sharp Shit"
when your poop is pointy and it hurts your recdom when you go to the bathroom.
I took a double s last night and it hurt beyond explanation.
by cheese man123 July 28, 2005
A magician's term for a very famous known card sleight that card magic essentially is based on.
magic student: Okay, so I got the Ace of clubs. What do I do next?

magician: You execute a double to reveal the five of spades

magic student: Ah, thanks!
by DarthAllanz0rd00dex March 05, 2006
1)2 vs 2 in a sport game, e.g. tennis.
2)When the ball bounces twice in your square in handball.
3)When you roll two of the same number on a pair of 6-sided dice.
4)When a man has climaxed during masturbation but doesn't stop rubbing and eventually ejaculates again.
1)Teamwork is important in a doubles game of tennis.
2)That noob missed the ball and got out by doubles.
3)I got doubles in Monopoly, another turn for me.
4)Viagra is so potent that a man with erection problems can easily pull doubles after the correct dosage.
by skyboy September 01, 2005