Stands for Super Sensational. Expression of utter amazement and admiration of an act or person.
Yo girl, I can't believe you. What you just did was double s. You da bomb.
by M Christensen2 November 24, 2006
a shotgun with 2 barrels
theres a coyote out in the yard. fetch me my double.
by dave December 04, 2003
where one guy puts his dick in your pussy, and the other guy puts his in your ass
Oh my god, Carson and Ryan totally gave me a double last night. it was amazing, and so fun!
by steph5 June 26, 2007
A Japanese R&B singer.

DOUBLE originally consisted of the two sister Takako and Sachiko who hit the J-R&B scene in Febuary 1998 with the fresh new single 'For Me'. DOUBLE climbed their way to success but this was cut short - the group was hit by a painful tragedy in May 1999 when Sachiko passed away due to a brain hemorage.
Takako decied to carry on the recording using the name DOUBLE and shortly after returning to the music scene in 2000, released the maxi-single 'Angel' in memory of her sister Sachiko, which shot straight to the top of the Oricon.

Today Takako is seen as one of Japan's most influencial and successful R&B artists.
DOUBLE is tight. RIP Sachiko
by Becki February 04, 2005
A jump made of two ramps set at some distance apart. One ramp is sloped up and the other down. Doubles are used by freestyle athletes in many sports.
Snowflake hit the double but didn't have enough speed going into it so he nailed the base of the transition. Ouch.
by mikwat May 22, 2004
"Super Skank"

Used to describe a slut, without giving away what your talking about.
Fallon: "ew, its Ashley!"
marlaina: "shes a double S!"
by FallonFrancesca September 05, 2011
1. The Beast from the East. An ultra aggressive neo-fascist with a penchant for destroying furniture and windows. The stereotypical suburban madman.

2. That porky guy.
Minority: Yo, man. What's with the Nazi tattoo?
Double S: Those are my initials, you gay commie Jew.
by Spanky4679 November 28, 2005
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