a term used to describe an extremely TALL, altitudinous, large, skyscraping, oversized, preposterous, beastly, bison-like female.

it is said that these 'DOT com' women tend to feed on all sorts of raw ground meat such as ground chuck, ground loin, ground veal - and also participate in many barbaric rituals involving men said to resemble Al Roker.

"DOT com" insinuates the woman is an Amazon, pertaining to AmazonDOTcom
(a) oh haaay soooo today, i went to the Bulk Store again - majorly running low on vats of warmed, petroleum jelly and Arabian camel toes. and all of sudden dude - this BISON walked in. legit.
(b)shut up. tell me it wasnt..
(a) yeah dude. it was a DOT com. and the worst part. all 7'4" of the broad was flying free like cling wrap at a bondage convention. all she was wearing was a deer skinned 2 piece.
(b) so hein.
by p i e r n a - - l e g February 21, 2008
Dot Com was used in examples of describing URL's in the 80's instead of period com. Created as a short cut vs saying 3 sylobal word. (Period)
Go to web page Yahoo dot com.
by Scott February 07, 2005
when someone is blabbing off at the mouth and you want them to shutup the phrase 'dot com' is basically used to shut them down.
Every time I am around you, you are always talking about yourself!Why?!


No this is notallaboutyou dot com! Get yourself together!
by Kupkake Kutie May 25, 2011
A domain extension, often used as a term for the internet or a website.
The dot com industry has lost all advertising money.
by g July 08, 2003
To emphasize stongly, to announce to the world as if it were an important website, to double underline, and finish with an exclamation point.
"Dude, I totally crushed my chemistry final dot com!!"
"Awesome bro! Dot com fer sher!
by jaydubya77 May 03, 2010
The IT professionals in India use this add join to any word. Mostly to indicate the maximum limit of fun etc. This can be attached to the word which indicates the activity and you did it fullest
"so you all got together and did what?", "Ohh .... it was only fun dot come"
Can also be used for "thanks" "thanks dot com" .... many thanks "thanks bigger dot com"
by Abhiram September 25, 2005
To spread information around, as on the internet.
I just told her about what happened with Walter and she's already dot-commed it to everyone!
by Walter F. Rodriguez June 04, 2006

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