An occurence of a sexually transmitted disease.
I'm itching like the clappers. That skeezy bitch must have given me a dose.
by Gagglehack November 28, 2005
1. someone who does dumb things.
2. a person who has the bad luck of dumb things happening to them.
1. Why do you stick candies up your nose? What a dose!

2. How did you get gum on the back of your pants? You are such a DOSE!
by Dr. Dose July 12, 2005
Term often used to refer to IVing drugs such as heroin.
Dose, is often used in this manner in Redlands, CA.
Dealer: Hey man do you dose this stuff?

Junkie: Nah dude I just smoke it. I'm over dosing, I nearly ODed last time.
Dealer: Yeah I was going to say if you do, I recommend you doing little amounts at a time because this stuff is strong.
by PostJunkie November 29, 2011
1. verb: to dose take a hit of a drug, take a reasonably consumable amount of a drug, maybe to test it, (see if it's bad) maybe for a high. Probably end up being both...
2. noun: a dose of a drug; dosage.
1. "I'll dose it if it'll shut you two apes up."
2. "took a dose and started trippin.
by AQM December 04, 2006
someone who looks a bit confused, usually with a pained, constipated-esque expression on their face
He's a bit of a dose, isn't he?
OMG, he is such a DOSE!
by caters June 22, 2005
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