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"Stanhopeing the drain", or "to Stanhope the drain," is to use one's arm to direct the stream of water from the shower to wash away any remnants of coagulated semen from shower masturbation.

Created by stand up comedian Doug Stanhope.
Don't forget to Stanhope the drain, it's like a chowder house down there.
by HanShotFirst June 17, 2014
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1. (Informal) To rinse a waste product down a drain by diverting a stream of water with a body part.

2. (Formal) To rinse male ejaculate down a shower drain by diverting the shower stream from the shoulder and down the arm to create a stream that can be aimed with the hand.
I hate my sink. I always have to stanhope stuff into the garbage disposal.

I wear sandals in case the last guy didn't stanhope the shower.
by Gurusmurf December 26, 2016
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