it is the actual scientifical word for a "dork" often used in taxonomy. The dork, being a gangly animal, of average to abnormal hight, with very little weight, and stringy, of the dorkus genous. also referd to has a "lop"
the dork, or, dorkus malorkus, isn't rare to find in its natural habitat, since it has been hunted to near extinction.
by justmike2000 July 23, 2004
The scientific name for a whale's penis.
Wow, that dorkus malorkus is pretty big.
by gracie March 02, 2005
Latin for dork. From the Simpsons when Barts say to Lisa: "You they say in Latin...a dorkus-malorkus."

Who said the dorkus malorkus from General Accounting could come to the party to dork it up? Send them home, they're nerding up a good time.
by JeremyS August 21, 2006
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