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Dorbs is an abbreviation for the word adorable. It was created by Stella Davis and Page Nelson and now everyone in Baltimore uses it...so we deserve credit.
"That is so dorbs" / "She/He is dorbs" / etc.
by Page Nelson and Stella Davis October 21, 2007
adorable, cute, precious, cheesy
When a girl tells her girlfriends about her boyfriend buying her flowers, the girlfriends would reply, "That's dorb!"...or simply, "Dorb!"
by Daniela Stilwell April 16, 2008
When two dogs in heat start humping each other to the point where they are near exhaustion
"Hey Jim, What are your dogs doing?"
"Oh they've been humping each other all day"

"They must be so dorbs"
by showyour_shitdicks April 17, 2013
(v) To apply by daubing. To cover or smear with stick, soft matter.
"Dorb some of them taters on my plate, would you?"
by Cris Alexander March 01, 2004