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An orgy held at a Dopler Radar station.
The swingers assembled at the weather station for a doppleganger.
by Waldosis April 20, 2009
72 87
A being which has the ability to assume the exact shape of another life form. Usually tricky little bastards.
Nice try doppleganger!
by Unotag July 22, 2003
34 49
A doppleganger is a shape changing monster who can feed upon another while taking his very identity. The doppleganger is a gangly Medium-size humanoid with slick skin and white eyes with no pupils.
The doppleganger's features twisted and formed until they took the features of its latest victim.
by Doppleganger July 17, 2003
30 61
when two penises are placed into the same condom used to have intercourse with a woman.
Hey bro, lets doppleganger this bitch.
by iloveturtles April 04, 2009
22 54
An erection of some much magnitude that you can see your face in the shiny bell-end.
Wow, I got an unbelievable doppleganger when I went for my full body massage.
by D-M-C May 01, 2008
18 50
The act or idea of 2 or more people being on opposite sides of a person and slamming into him/her at the same time why shouting out "DOPPLEGANGER!"- usually done to an unsuspecting individual.
Alex, John, and Chris are walking down the street, talking about random shit. Alex slowly falls back and gets on Chris's left side while John remains on the right. At exactly the same moment, they signal each other and slam into Chris while yelling "DOPPLEGANGER, Biatch!!" and causing extreme pain. They then laugh for about 5 minutes while Chris falls to floor and recuperates.
by Alex Q. February 21, 2005
23 55
someone who steals ones identity (anything from haircut, clothing, music, to complete poserdom.)
Dude that girl looks just like you...shes like king of the doppelgangers.
by mic June 13, 2004
11 43