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something cute, or adorable. like snow white and the seven dwarfs, one of the dwarfs were named Dopey, and he was the cute one
Aw, that puppy is so dopey!
by Teddy Rumpkins February 27, 2009
a person whio acts like a prik
shukur is a dopey
by shukur October 23, 2008
A person who always looks at the ground and finds it phisically possible to stay still and lives at marmong point. (commonly refered to as dosile)
-"nick is so fucking dopey"

-"i wish i could be more like nick"
by somchai September 04, 2007
a stuffed anmial... a toy...
"I just won this dopey at the fair!"
by SkyJean January 07, 2007