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It's a Street in Berkeley/Oakland California. It's also a clothing/record company by the greatest rock star ever... Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day.
"I went for a drive on Adeline"
"Look at the killer Adeline hat"
by SkyJean January 07, 2007
A box you have sex in.. especially infront of Billie Joe's house...
Sky:"Wanna go have sex?"
Amanda:"Yep! Let me get my Sex box."
by SkyJean January 07, 2007
a strip club... its a mix between gentlemens club and genitals.....
Lets go see some clear heels at the geminal
by SkyJean January 07, 2007
a stuffed anmial... a toy...
"I just won this dopey at the fair!"
by SkyJean January 07, 2007
a stripper or whore... and thats what I call them...
look at that clear heels!
by SkyJean January 07, 2007

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