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a female version of poozle
lauren is gettin some major doozle tonight!
by nicole March 13, 2005
13 21
Another name for K2 incense.
"Dude did you get that doozle?"
"Yeah, lets smoke a bowl."
by BlueTurtle July 08, 2012
4 3
To relieve ones fecal cavities. To take a huge crap.
Oh man, I just took a huge doozle!!
by Em Langley June 28, 2011
2 4
Michele: Did you do the doozle?
Nick: The doozle has been did.
by sasscat February 02, 2011
2 6
having to take a poop while reading a book which makes the time taking a poop longer.
Jordan had to go take a doozle during the football game and missed the second quarter of the game.
by kizzle911 October 09, 2011
3 9