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From the word dooze, slang word for the number 12.
A website has been created to reunite all the doozed fans,
"woah bro, today I took a dump at dooooozeee:dooze!!! doozed!! "
by TheDamned May 31, 2007
mix between dazed and doozey. After you have an orgasm and you are completly worn out because it was THAT amazing, you are doozed.
Wow last night was crazy, he got me 8 times in like 3 hours and i was so doozed afterwards. I could harldy function!!!
by ~*.EmIfLeA.*~ March 03, 2010
Also pronounced Doozled; The act of being so drunk that you may shit your pants or all together do stupid shit.
We got so doozed last night we all shoved a 48 pack of crayola crayons that were rubber banded together up our chocolate stars.
by Violin Titties February 19, 2011
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