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The inside part of a banana.
Janny be eating doot-doot.
by nancee March 16, 2003
the asian slang for Nextel's Cellular Beep or Direct Connect on the walky talky phones.
yo john, doot doot me when i get home.
by danny May 26, 2004
The throbbing sensation a female gets in her vagina area when she is turned on ;the feeling a girl gets in her pussy when she sees something sexy
"Damn Boy you touchin me like that's givin me the Doot-Doots"

"Oh my God girl did you see that dude? He was hot as fuck, he gave me the Doot-Doots"
by Rachel S.Q. January 08, 2008
a term that my friend seatide and I use to be random dorks.
Seatide: doot doot?
Me: doot doot doot doot doot
by colorguardhobbit September 29, 2004